5 reasons why business signs work for your small business

As a small business owner who’s careful about finances, investing in a sign for your business might not seem like a completely necessary venture to you. After all, your customers know where you’re located, or can easily look up the address online! With Google Maps here to save the day, why put the money into a sign?

The actual benefits of investing in a business sign might be surprising, because they really can do a lot for a small business. These hidden benefits could end up making a big difference for you, your customer base, and your revenue.

1. Make life easier for customers

It’s true that people can look up addresses on their GPS, but all of the navigation apps can fail sometimes, directing you to the wrong place or generally making things a little more confusing than necessary. 

Of course you want people to come to your business and spend money so you can grow– so it’s logical to make their journey to you as easy as possible. It’s very important to take note of any customer “pain points” and take measures to address them, and if a customer can’t easily locate you, that would definitely qualify as a pain point. 

A visible and legible business sign helps people get where they’re going with as little frustration as possible.

2. Build brand recognition and value

Consider the area where you live and think about the signs, billboards, and advertisements that you see every day. Even if you don’t personally use some of the products that are advertised, you probably have become familiar with some of the companies– and if you ever needed one of the services they offer, they’d probably come to mind first.

The same can be true for your business! If people passing by see your signage on a daily basis, your company’s name, logo, and location will become familiar to them.

3. 24/7/365 advertising

In addition to building brand recognition, a sign can function effectively as a constant advertisement. When you pay for digital marketing campaigns, print ad campaigns, billboards, etc., you’re only paying for your ad to be displayed for a limited amount of time, and possibly to a limited audience. While those types of marketing also have their use, everyone passing your Little Rock business sign can see it at any time, no matter who they are. 

4. Influence behavior

There’s a good reason why supermarkets put candy in the checkout area. It’s pretty expected that kids who are accompanying their parents will see it at their eye level and ask their parents to make an impulse purchase.

The same principle applies for signage. If you’re a sandwich shop, for example, someone driving by at lunchtime might be inspired to stop and give your food a try. If you’re a jewelry company, someone driving home on their anniversary might stop in for a last-minute gift. If they can’t see you, they’ll go somewhere else!

5. Stand out from the crowd

If your company is located in an area close to your competitors, you’ll want to do something to differentiate yourself from the pack. What makes you unique, and your services special? A designer can help you incorporate these qualities into your sign, and help choose unique materials and an interesting look to draw the eye away from competitors’ signs and ads. 

6. Longevity

Signs work for you 24 hours a day, every day, and they last a long time! A well-made sign that’s regularly maintained will last for many years. Investing in a sign today will pay for itself in the long run, and spend all of those years helping people recognize, locate, and value your brand.

If you’re on the fence about making the investment, or unsure where to start when choosing a design or materials for your sign, the experts here at Pinnacle Signs & Graphics are happy to walk you through the process, providing insight and information every step of the way. Stand out in your community and draw people in– give us a call today!