Choosing the right sign for your business is more important than you might think. 

A sign is often the first part of your business that customers see, so it has to give them a good impression. It also functions as a helpful tool in locating the building, so a well-placed, properly lit sign alone can help you make a sale or gain a new client.

Drive through your town sometime and take a look at all the different types of signs that you see around you. You might be surprised by how many ways a simple sign can look, or overwhelmed by all the options available to you!

We’ve compiled seven types of business signs and broken down the key information about each of them, so you can make an educated decision on what type of sign will be best for you.

Monument Sign

A monument sign is a free-standing sign– meaning, not attached to a building– which is relatively low, with no openings between the sign and the ground. 

Monument signs can be internally or externally illuminated, either with LED lighting inside the sign itself or spotlights on the ground, pointing toward the sign. 

They can be single- or double-sided, and can even feature a custom electronic message center (or EMC) to display important information (like school closings or special events) to guests and passersby.

Pylon Sign

If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you’ve probably seen pylon signs on the side of the highway, letting drivers know that there’s an upcoming truck stop or restaurant. These signs can be located high in the air to help people find a place and to advertise a business. 

Typically, pylon signs that are very high in the air are internally illuminated, but externally illuminated pylons also exist, with spotlights mounted on the sign itself. 

The pylon is highly customizable and can be any height you wish– within city code limits, of course!

Blade Sign

Don’t worry, blade signs aren’t as dangerous as they sound. They’re just signs that stick out perpendicular to the face of a building, to be visible to people passing by on either side. 

This type of sign can be a great way to minimize the amount of space a sign takes up on the building itself, while still clearly letting customers know where you are located.

Cabinet Sign

This type of sign is aptly named for the “cabinet” structure that contains the logo and information on the sign, the lighting, and the electrical components. Typically, these signs are acrylic that is internally illuminated, and mounted directly to the face of a building. 

They can be simpler to maintain and replace than other types of signs, and the cabinet itself can be made in a custom shape with many different lighting options.

Channel Letters

These are very common because they’re simple and they look great! Your local drugstore, grocery store, and movie theater most likely use this type of signage. 

Letters can be chosen from a variety of prefabricated styles, or custom-created with your very own name and logo in mind. They are typically internally illuminated so they can look great, day or night.

Fabricated & Flat-Cut Letters

These are individual letters like channel letters, but without the “channel” part– meaning they’re flat and generally not as dimensional. They’re made from metal or acrylic, and are generally non-illuminated or lit by a spotlight.

However, you can also install them on standoffs to allow for a beautiful “halo” backlit effect.

Wayfinding Signs

The ultimate purpose of signage is to make life easier for the people who will be spending time in a certain location. Wayfinding signs give customers and guests the information they need to get from place to place without having to ask! 

The best thing about all of the above sign types is that there’s nearly infinite room for creativity with each of them. Every single sign type can be custom-created with a design that best represents you and your business, letting customers know right off the bat that they’ll be having a wonderful experience with you.

Send us a message today with all the details of your ideal sign, and we’ll get right to work on a free quote to make your dreams a reality!