3 Major Ways an EMC Can Benefit Your Business

It’s pretty likely that you see Electronic Message Centers, also known as EMCs, during your daily commute. They’re everywhere, because they’re a useful method of communication for members of a local community.

Unlike social media or the news, an EMC can be used to display relevant information to people who are in a specific area at a specific time– making it much more likely that the message will get through!

What’s an EMC?

Electronic Message Centers are signs with digital screens that can be programmed to display varying information that an organization or business needs to communicate to visitors. 

You’ve most likely seen them outside schools, churches, and banks in your neighborhood– letting people know about important upcoming events or just wishing them “happy holidays”.

Road work construction sites also commonly use EMCs to communicate messages to people passing by, letting them know that the road’s closed ahead, giving real-time traffic updates, or warning them about adverse weather conditions.

Needless to say, EMCs are a versatile tool that tells people what they need to know, when (and where) they need to know it.

So would an EMC be right for your business or organization? We’ve compiled a list of benefits to help you decide!

Real-Time Updates

As we mentioned above, EMCs are an excellent way to let people know important information right when they need it.

If you work or volunteer for a church that holds events and services, consider the difference between notifying people of an event cancellation via social media versus an EMC. 

Of course, both are potentially beneficial, but a social media update only works if people happen to check their social media– something that might get overlooked while they’re busy preparing for the day.

Meanwhile, an EMC would let people know when they’re passing the church that the event’s been canceled. Even if they show up at the scheduled time of the event, they’ll notice the sign, clearing up any confusion that they might have when nobody else is there or the doors are locked.

Eye-Catching Graphics

Our eyes are naturally drawn to moving objects.

Given the choice between a regular, static sign and one that’s brightly lit, flashing, or features moving text, our attention will automatically go toward the one that’s moving.

Of course, there are local zoning laws preventing signs from being too eye-catching, especially if they’re near a major roadway, but a sign that rotates between several programmed messages is more likely to catch people’s attention.

Easy to Program

One of the best things about EMCs is that setting up messages to display is pretty simple and can even be done remotely.

This means that you can change up the displayed message as frequently as you want– and if the message on a sign is frequently changing, people are likely to take a look at it, since it’s always something new.

Signs that remain static are helpful in many ways, of course, but after a few times passing the same sign, we stop really looking at it– we know it’s there and we know what it says. An EMC keeps people’s attention for much longer!

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If you’re ready to capture the attention of the people in your neighborhood and community, and even attract some new visitors to your business, it’s time to get your very own Electronic Message Center.

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