Why Vehicle Graphics Are a Must for Businesses

Apr 20, 2024 | Blog, Business Signs, Commercial Signs

On any given day in Central Arkansas, a vehicle is driven from point A to point B about 70 million times. Whether you’re commuting into the Little Rock Metro, sitting in the school drop-off line in Cabot, or driving down 1-30 in Saline Country, dozens or hundreds of people can see your vehicle. 

Now, vehicles without graphics often go unnoticed. You wouldn’t necessarily pick out a black Mazda or white Toyota from a crowd if it didn’t have any identifiable features that mark it. But you may remember sitting at a red light next to a vehicle that boasted a well-designed vinyl wrap or graphic decal.


What Are Vehicle Graphics?

Vehicle graphics are any kind of decal or wrap on a vehicle, used for decoration or marketing purposes. You’ll often notice these being car decals, like stickers on car windows, or whole or partial vehicle wraps.  

Most car decals in the vehicle wrap world are logos, contact information, or slogans. You can think of the application of these decals like putting a sticker on your car. A vehicle wrap is essentially one big vinyl sticker, which will cover a large area or the whole vehicle, and will encompass everything from the background to the logo, slogan, and contact information if used for marketing purposes (rather than aesthetics.)

For examples of these various types of vehicle graphics, take a look at our gallery

Why Vehicle Graphics are a Must for Businesses

As previously mentioned, you are likely to pass by dozens to hundreds of other drivers on the road daily. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on outdoor advertising while on the road, thus improving your brand visibility! 

Outdoor advertising passively reaches an audience, either influencing them to immediately inquire about your services, or by the customer tucking the information away for when they need it. Vehicle graphics are a great way to leave a lasting impression on potential and current customers or clients! Every time you’re parked in a crowded area or stopped at a red light, you have a chance to catch someone’s eye with your well-designed vehicle graphics. 

By adding vehicle graphics to either your personal vehicle or your company’s vehicle(s), you are helping establish your brand identity and visibility. By establishing your brand identity, you are making your business more identifiable, visible, and cohesive. 

A huge bonus of vehicle graphics comes from its money-saving qualities. In general, once you’ve applied graphics to your vehicle unless your branding changes or your vehicle suffers damage, your graphics can remain on your vehicle for years.

Before vinyl wrapping and graphics were an available option, most companies and businesses had to rely on different means of advertisement. Radio, television, and print ads, though all still reliable forms of advertisement, require money for the duration of time they’re “live”. They are not cost-effective forms of advertisement, and eventually “die”. Radio and television advertising eventually will have to change or end, and print ads can be disposed of quite quickly.

Mobile marketing, like vehicle graphics, is a one-and-done process. You pay to apply the vinyl, and the vinyl stays up as long as it really can. This means you can have a single piece of advertising for years without needing to put out any additional money to continue to reach an audience. 

The Importance of Brand Identity on Vehicle Graphics


Keep in mind, that company branding must be established before graphics are applied to your vehicle. Your branding must be recognizable, cohesive, and informative. You would not want a client questioning what your business’s services or products are even after reading your signage. Nor would you want to change your company branding soon after investing in signage and graphics. This would confuse clients and cost you money. Utilize the Pinnacle Signs & Graphics in-house design team for all things branding and logo design before you decide on vehicle graphics. 

Your company brand identity must complement and represent your services and values, and reflect a well-thought-out brand identity and design process. Simply put, a not aesthetically pleasing graphic will not do your company good. But a well-done design will catch more eyes, and instantly instill more trust in your business. A company that puts effort into brand identity will likely also give equal effort to its services.


Why Pinnacle Signs Is the Best in the Business for Vehicle Graphics


We’re your go-to, one-stop-shop for quality signage, wraps, logos, cut & printed graphics, and tradeshow products. Located in Maumelle, we’re THE sign experts serving the state of Arkansas. 

We value honest craftsmanship and design. Pinnacle Signs will work with our clients throughout the whole design process. We want our clients to understand the importance of visual communication. 

We will always offer maintenance for our signage. If we make it, we’ll maintain it. Keep in mind that vehicle wraps are best done in moderate temps. We advise that you avoid planning to wrap your vehicle during the hottest and coldest times of the year. 

For more information on our vehicle graphic services, visit our vehicle graphics page. Get a quote, ask a question, and check out why Pinnacle Signs is the one-stop shop in Arkansas for brand visibility.


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