A Guide to Vehicle Graphics and Car Signage

Apr 10, 2024 | Blog, Commercial Signs

Vehicle graphics and car signage are a business’s most convenient form of advertisement. If your company or business is already cruising between clients, job sites, or locations, why not advertise on your way there?

There are multiple ways business owners can utilize their vehicles as daily outdoor advertisements. Rather than spending money to rent billboards or print new lawn signage every time a storm destroys it, business owners can invest in one-and-done advertising such as vehicle graphics and car signage! However, if you need outdoor signs besides vehicle graphics and car signage, ask a member of the Pinnacle Signs & Graphics team about the sturdiest signage material to outlast that Arkansas weather.

At Pinnacle Signs, we’re always helping our clients maximize their advertisement opportunities! Check out how we help our clients maximize their outdoor advertising through vehicle graphics and car signage

Types of Vehicle Graphics and Car Signage:


Depending on your budget, vehicle type, and advertising intent, different types of vehicle graphics and car signage may be a better choice for you and your business. 


Vehicle Wraps

One of the most popular types of vehicle advertising is a vehicle wrap. Whether it be a total vehicle wrap, where the entire body is covered in vinyl, or just partially, vehicle wraps are a one-and-done option that can effectively showcase your company’s branding and advertise your services. 


Vehicle wraps allow for more room to be creative and eye-catching! The surface area of a single vehicle gives you lots of room to showcase your brand identity and build your brand visibility. Plus, vehicle wraps can protect your company or personal vehicles. Vinyl wrapping will provide a protective barrier to the paint below!

Have a smaller budget? Depending on the budget, full vehicle wraps may not be the best option. You may want to consider partial vehicle wrapping. Partial vehicle wraps can be just as eye-catching and successful as full vehicle wraps, so don’t immediately assume a vehicle wrap isn’t within your budget. Talk to a member of the Pinnacle Signs team today to learn about your options.


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Another smaller and more budget-friendly option is vinyl lettering, decals, and window decals. If a vehicle wrap is out of budget, or you’re just needing something more minimalistic, these may be better options for your business’ advertising needs.

These types of vehicle advertising are generally better for those who don’t want or need to make as big of a statement. Additionally, vinyl lettering and decals are easier to remove than vinyl wraps. For anyone considering vehicle graphics and car signage, but aren’t able to commit to vehicle wrapping and larger graphics, vinyl lettering and decals may be a better option for you.


What You Should Include in Your Vehicle Graphics and Outdoor Advertising:


When deciding on any sort of advertisement for your company, business, service, etc. you want to ensure that your advertisement is successful. You want prospective clients and customers to look at your advertisement and know exactly what it is that you offer, and how to contact you. Without that vital information, your outdoor advertising won’t be as successful.

Company Name

Generally, unless you’re going with the super secretive approach to advertisement and it works with your branding, you should clearly advertise your company’s name. That way, potential customers and clients might know who or what they may possibly receive a service from. Also, a clearly advertised company name will make it easier for clients and customers to find you online!


Logos are a great way to create brand identity and visibility. A well-designed and memorable logo will stand out. In case a potential client or customer can’t remember the name of your business, they may see your logo and know immediately it was you who they were searching for!

Slogans or Catchphrases (If You Have Them)

Slogans and catchphrases, though not a necessary thing to include in your advertisements are a great way to be remembered. A catchy slogan or phrase along with your other successful marketing and branding will be remembered by clients when they spread the word of your services.

Contact Information

This is one of the most important things to include in your outdoor advertising. Once your vehicle drives away, a potential customer or client should know how to contact you! Now, it’s not necessary to include every single possible place a client could reach you. You may choose to select the most surefire way a client can reach you, whether that be your phone number, email, or social media.


If your company or business has a brand identity, this is the place to showcase it. Brand identity and visibility are extremely important when advertising! 

Check out how Pinnacle Signs & Graphics owner Jason utilized visual branding on his truck.

Why You Should Consider Vehicle Graphics for Your Business

Utilizing vehicle graphics as outdoor advertising greatly increases your brand visibility, exposure, and recognition. Your vehicle can travel hundreds of miles a week, passing hundreds to thousands of potential customers or clients. 

If you see your neighbor using a company they trust, you’re more likely to trust them too! For example, if you often see the truck of a local contractor and his company in your neighbor’s driveway, you may reach out to them the next time you need home improvements or repairs. 

Vehicle graphics will also allow you to experience different demographics, reaching a broader audience and demographic than your normal advertising may be able to.

If you’re looking to rebrand, a great way to start is by adding or updating your existing vehicle graphics. The broader audience you will be able to reach will witness your rebranding first and will give new customers a good first impression. 


How Pinnacle Signs Does Vehicle Graphics and Car Signage

From design to installation, Pinnacle Signs is your one-stop shop for all things vehicle graphics and car signage. Utilizing high-quality materials, an expert team that values client relations, and a knack for all things advertising, we ensure that your vehicle graphics and car signage are done well, and fast. We will always offer maintenance for our signage. If we make it, we’ll maintain it.

Think you’re ready to add vehicle graphics and car signage to your business’s outdoor advertising?  Talk to a member of the Pinnacle Signs team today, and find out why Pinnacle Signs is the one-stop shop in Arkansas for brand visibility.

Call (501) 812-4433 or reach out to get a quote today!

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