Awesome Holiday Graphics for Your Business

Leaves changing on the trees means that the holiday season is almost upon us! And that means it’s time for savvy business owners to drum up some attention and patronage for their businesses as people complete their holiday shopping. No matter your industry or vertical, eye-catching, high-quality graphics and print materials can help you promote your business and increase sales. The holidays are a time to connect – so connect with your customers in a meaningful and memorable way. 

Decorative Decals

Make your window display or storefront stand out with a unique holiday window decal. You can have it designed internally, or our talented team of graphic designers can help you come up with a custom logo or design! Decals like reindeer, Christmas scenes, talking turkeys, and friendly pumpkins encourage customers to linger at your door and invite them into the store. Window decals are easy to apply and easy to remove. Since they’re temporary designs, they’re perfect for displaying limited-time promos or seasonal specials. Turn window shoppers into buying customers with decorative vinyl decals!

Promotional Signage

Especially with the pandemic on, competition in retail is fierce this holiday season. Every store on the block has its own offers and specials and it creates a lot of background noise that can drown out your business’s efforts if you’re not proactive. Put up bold promotional signage that can’t be ignored and set yourself apart from all the hustle and bustle! Attract more customers and bring in more foot traffic with custom display signs featuring your promotions and specials. Proo signage can help you maximize profit and beat the competition by capturing your audience’s attention and holding it.  

Holiday Hours

On the more practical side, you’re likely changing your hours during the holiday season. Whether you’re slowing down because of the pandemic, or increasing shopping hours for after-work warriors, you need to inform your customers of the change! You can choose from vinyl decals on your glass entryways and windows, temporary banners to hang from awnings and alert people driving past, and standing signage that sits by the door or on the sidewalk in front of the store. 

No matter which option you choose, make sure that the graphics are fun and exude holiday spirit! You want to delight your customers as well as inform them.

Direct Foot Traffic

Now that you’ve drawn them in with your special offers and festive window displays, you want to make sure that shopping is an easy and efficient experience. People are already worried about staying in stores too long during the pandemic – make sure that you help soothe their anxiety and keep them from fleeing in frustration when they can’t get their hands on what they need quickly. 

Putting up quality signage is like having another salesperson on the floor, so make sure they’re visibly located front and center. Hand signs that point to your most popular and sought after products, label aisles more clearly, layout (festive!) flow of traffic arrows on the floor to encourage proper social distancing and improve the shopping experience for your customers and employees alike. 

Interior Signs

You don’t have to be in retail to want to get in the holiday spirit! If your office building needs a little injection of holiday cheer, there are also many options for indoor signage! Decals for office doors, custom lobby signs, festive directional signs with little snowmen and candy canes pointing the way… there is an endless array of options for delighting employees and brightening up the more quickly darkening days. Boosting employee morale boosts productivity and delighting visiting customers adds value to your brand. 

If you have questions about holiday signage, contact Pinnacle Signs and Graphics! We’re happy to help you design the perfect holiday graphics for your business.