Why Outdoor Business Signs are a Smart Business

If your business model includes keeping your business a total secret from customers and clients – skip this blog! But if you’re in business to connect with people, provide products or problem solutions, and make money, you’ve come to the right place. Without outdoor business signs, your shop, office, or other storefront might as well be an empty building! If you’re on the fence about a new outdoor business sign, read on to learn why outdoor business signage is smart business!

Outdoor Business Signs Drive Sales – and Profit!

Studies show that outdoor business signs can increase sales by as much as 15%! That can make a big impact on your bottom line. And since permanent outdoor business signs are more cost-effective than any other form of outdoor advertising, they can also lead to lower customer acquisition costs – producing an even bigger profit for each sale.

Need more numbers to make outdoor business signs make sense? Nearly 76% of consumers reported they had entered a store or business for the first time primarily because of its signage. Almost 75% of consumers reported they had mentioned a business’s sign or signs to friends and family when referring them to the business. About 60% of business owners surveyed said that enhancing the visibility of their signage had led to an average increase of 10% in their sales. And, finally, 6 in 10 consumers said they wouldn’t enter a business that didn’t have a sign! Survey says – signs are important to your business!

Put Your Brand on Blast!

Not only can outdoor business signage increase your business’s visibility and sales, it can help establish your business’s brand and build credibility. Outdoor business signs – like monument signs, pole signs, lighted marquees, and others – help spread the message of your business. Consumers and businesses alike (as well as sign and design industry professionals) list clarity and legibility as the most important aspect of any sign. But you can design signage that not only fits into your branding but serves as a brand anchor in your community. The visibility of your business’s brand on-location builds trust and credibility with your consumers from the moment they pull into the lot or walk by your door!

Reach People Where They Are

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor business signs is that they reach people where they are. Even in a world gone digital, outdoor business signs attract attention and drive customers to your location. Outdoor business signs are about the last hundred feet or last city block of a customer’s experience finding your location. They may have found your business through a search engine and been directed to your location by a smartphone – but finding your business in the real world requires clear, attractive outdoor business signs. 

Whether your business is located in a busy downtown, off an interstate, or down a county road, outdoor business signs can direct your customers and clients and spark the interests of passersby. Don’t miss an opportunity to engage your customers because your signage is in the wrong place, faded, unclear, or even unlit! Consider where your customers and clients are and how you want them to engage with your signage. Then consider what signage is right for your business and how best to attract attention and spark interest!

Custom Signage for Your Location

There are tons of different types of outdoor business signage. From custom monument signs to channel letter signs to large pole signs – the list goes on! Our design and sign industry professionals can help you create the perfect sign for your business location. Whether you need an electronic messaging center to scroll the most up-to-date information about your business or a statement monument sign to stand the test of time, we can help you design and create something perfect! 

At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics, we sell visibility! Call us today for your free consultation and quote.