Holiday Business Signs and Graphics!

As the holidays approach, everyone is getting ready. Retailers are setting up holiday displays and running specials and corporate employers are working to motivate their employees through the end of the year. And this year, Christmas feels like it’s in high gear. The pandemic has put pressure on shops and restaurants to make up for lost revenue during what’s usually the busiest consumer season of the year. And the rest of us are longing for extra warm and snuggly Christmas feelings to make up for the time we’ve spent socially distancing and quarantining. 

Make sure that your customers know about your specials and sales, your special hours, and your safety precautions with holiday business signs and graphics! Promote your company, motivate your employees, and dress your brand for the season!

Window Decals

Vinyl window decals are perfect for storefronts, shop windows, and businesses with big glass doors. Vinyl means you can easily adhere your sign to the glass, and just as easily peel it off when you’re finished with it without any glue cleanup or messy bits left behind. Put up a winter scene to draw in customers, promote your peppermint-flavored drink or cookie or milkshake with enticing pictures, or splash a huge announcement about your holiday specials! 

We can print anything you’d like to have displayed. Not sure where to start? We can help you create a custom design that is both eye-catching and memorable! 

Street Signage

If you are a retailer or office in a large shopping district, you may want to consider standing signage on the sidewalk to inform customers of your holiday specials and direct them to your place of business. This is a great way to catch the attention of passerby and give them any pertinent information they may need to know. “20% Off!” “New Christmas Selection!” “Free Gift Wrapping!” “Special Holiday Hours!” Announce what they need to know. 

Display Your Hours

Between the holidays and the coronavirus, people don’t know what to expect when it comes to hours of operation. Make sure they know exactly when you’re open with easy to find and easy to see hours signage. You can display vinyl letters in your windows, hang a banner across your entrance, set up street signs – the options are limitless, but make sure that people know you’re open.

Directional Signs

Busy shopping days means crowds of people. And in the midst of a pandemic, you want to keep your employees and customers safe. Invest is eye-catching, cheerful directional signage throughout your store so people know where to go, which way to walk down aisles, and where the most popular items are kept. More than ever, people want to be in and out. Make sure you don’t lose customers because they don’t feel safe in your store. 

Safety Guidelines and Assurances

Let people know about the safety precautions your business is taking to ease their minds and encourage them to be comfortable while they’re in your store or business. Display safety regulations and precautions in prominent areas to encourage compliance with wearing masks and sanitizing hands. Set up sanitizations stations and offer face masks for those who don’t have one so everyone can come in the store and feel welcome.

Work From Home Treats

If your employees are working from home over the holidays, it can be hard to encourage that culture of togetherness and teamwork that seems to come with them. No potlucks or holiday parties to brighten the days. So to create a cheerful atmosphere on your zoom calls, consider sending each of your employees a sign or a canvas – something to hang behind them during calls to make it feel a little more like the holidays! 

If you are interested in holiday signs and graphics for your business, or you have questions about a special project, contact Pinnacle Signs and Graphics! We’re here to answer your questions, guide your design, and walk you through the installation process step-by-step.