Making a Statement: The Power of Monument Signs for Your Business

Consider all of the types of advertising available for your business.

Digital marketing can be effective when handled properly, but every ad campaign has an expiration date; they don’t last forever.

Advertising in newspapers and magazines is similarly temporary– the ad’s only good until the next issue comes out.

Advertising in public spaces, like billboards, buses, and subways, can help you reach a lot of people, but those ads are changed out regularly, too.

What kind of advertising works 24/7, 365 days a year?

The only answer to that question that we can think of is the humble monument sign.


What is a monument sign?

Monument signs are outdoor signs used to advertise a business, letting customers and clients know where to find it and giving them an impression of the business’s brand image.

These signs are typically fairly large– their name, while somewhat confusing (it’s not literally a monument), is apt. 

They’re substantial signs meant to be permanent, and are made from building materials that last a long time, like brick, stone, or concrete.

What design is appropriate for a monument sign?

One of the many great things about monument signs is the flexibility customers have when it comes to design.

A classic monument sign might be made from brick, with standoff metal letters indicating the name of the business. The design is elegant and timeless, and the sign itself is a presence on the property– giving even a brand-new business the impression of establishment.

However, a monument sign can really look however you want it to. 

You can let your imagination run wild! The only guidelines in place for design typically come from city and municipal zoning laws, which usually have requirements about maximum size for outdoor signs.

The perfect monument sign for a prestigious university will look very different from a monument sign that’s custom-designed for an avant-garde architectural firm– so arriving at the perfect design means having a good understanding of your business’s brand image and target customer base or audience.

Why choose a monument sign over other kinds of signs?

Monument signs are a great choice for virtually every kind of business. The key in choosing the perfect sign is a careful eye on design! 

Monument signs, specifically, lend an air of gravity, establishment, and legitimacy to a business. A stone monument sign with metal letters, elegantly highlighted at night by a spotlight, sends a very different message than a bright, flashing neon sign or a massive pylon sign visible from the highway.

The monument sign is a solid choice because it has more of a physical presence than other types of signs– it’s a solid indicator of where your business is located. 

Because these signs are made from sturdy building materials, it’s going to last a long time. If you want your business to be around for a long time, too, the monument sign is an excellent choice! 


How can I design the perfect monument sign?

Choosing the right design for your business can be an intimidating task, especially if you’re not familiar with the world of signage.

Fortunately, the experts here at Pinnacle Signs are fully prepared to help you figure out what kind of sign works best for your business’s unique needs. If you’re ready to get started, just give us a call today! 

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