market and brand with outdoor a-frame signs in little rock, ar

Call it an A-frame, a sandwich board, or a curb sign, but call outdoor A-frame signs in Little Rock AR, a fantastic marketing and branding option. Advertisers refer to the use of this product as a type of interruption marketing effort. It interrupts the flow of foot traffic in front of your business because pedestrians have to navigate around the item.

In so doing, they cannot help but take in your message. (By the way, this is one of the reasons why we often recommend that clients ordering window graphics from us should also invest in an A-frame. Slowing down customers in front of the business is an excellent way for them to notice the images on the glass panes!) How can you make this signage solution work for your company?


Pick the Style and Material First

There is more to the A-frame than meets the eye. For starters, some of the sandwich boards no longer resemble the letter A. Some now come with T-stands for a more robust setup. Others feature a sturdy base that attaches to the panel. Of course, purists still prefer the traditional A-frame made of steel or plastic.


Choose the Display Option Next

Once again, you have plenty of options open to you. Our clients have had excellent success with A-frames featuring display pockets on both sides. This setup lets you slide in an imprinted plastic or PVC sheet with your marketing message. If you opt to go this route, we recommend choosing a 36-inch-tall and 24-inch-wide setup for best visibility. Other options include the use of chalkboard surfaces (a hit with barbecue restaurants) and magnetic panels that let you add letters and numerals as desired.


Who Markets with This Outdoor Signage?

We cannot think of any niche that would not benefit from this signage solution. The list of possible uses if virtually endless.

  • Retailers. Whether you operate a jewelry store, run a pawnshop, or sell any consumer good, you cannot go wrong with featuring prices, product availability, and hot sellers with a sandwich board. Seasonal sales notices augment your temporary window graphics for the occasion.
  • Car dealers. There is always a hot deal or special promotion. Advertise the availability of the new model year cars or highlight some great used car buys that you have on the lot right now. You might also reiterate the brand message you feature via pole banners.
  • Real estate professionals. Home buyers are almost conditioned to recognize the presence of a branded real estate office sign as an invitation to visit an open house event. All you need is a customized plastic A-frame with your name and corporate logo as well as an arrow that points to the entrance. Add “Open House” in smaller letters.


Order Outdoor A-frame Signs in Little Rock AR

If we have inspired you to do some interruption marketing and branding of your own, contact our business sign experts for more information on A-frames. We help you select the look and material that works best for your needs. Also, we assist you in the design of the message for a great look.

Call us today to get started on the project!