Outdoor Signage Solutions for Any Weather

Outdoor signage is a powerful tool that can help your business attract attention and communicate your brand– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. However, in order to make a lasting impact on the community, your signs need to be built to last and able to endure various weather conditions.

Not to worry– there are a few effective outdoor signage solutions that can withstand the elements while maintaining their visual appeal!

Choosing weather-resistant materials

Selecting the right materials for your outdoor signage is the foundation of weather resistance. Go for materials like aluminum, PVC, acrylic, or treated wood, which are known for their long-term durability and resistance to rain, wind, and sunlight.

These materials are able to handle the test of time, and maintain their appearance even throughout the harshest weather conditions.

UV-resistant finishes

Exposure to direct sunlight is unavoidable, especially since you want your sign to be as visible as possible. This exposure to sunlight, however, can lead to fading and deterioration of your outdoor signage.

In order to combat this, you can use UV-resistant finishes and coatings. These coatings protect the sign’s colors and prevent them from fading during prolonged sun exposure, helping to ensure that your signs stay vibrant and attention-grabbing to everyone who passes by.


Wind-resistant design

Wind can be a major issue for all kinds of structures, and signage is no exception. Designing your outdoor sign with wind resistance in mind is essential, especially if your area gets a lot of gusty winds.

Designs that allow wind to pass through the sign or around it, rather than putting pressure on it, are highly recommended. Wind-resistant features, like reinforced frames and proper anchoring, can also help your signs endure windy conditions without a problem.

Routine maintenance

Maintenance is key for ensuring the longevity of your outdoor signage. Set aside some time to inspect your sign for damage at least a few times a year, and look for signs of wear and tear, peeling finishes, or other problems.

If you spot an issue, promptly address it in order to prevent further deterioration. You might also consider seasonal maintenance to prepare your signs for changing weather conditions.

Winter weather consideration

If your area gets cold winters, don’t forget to consider how your outdoor signage will handle snow and ice. While your sign shop professionals will have plenty of knowledge about this, make sure that your sign has design features like drainage holes. These can prevent the buildup of snow and ice, which can add a lot of weight and cause damage to a sign.

Routine snow and ice removal throughout the winter can also help to keep your sign in good shape all winter long.


Professional installation

Proper installation, handled by someone with plenty of experience doing it, is a must to ensure the longevity of outdoor signs. Don’t attempt DIY sign installation. Instead, entrust it to the pros here at Pinnacle signs, who will install your signs securely to ensure their ability to withstand strong winds and winter weather. 

If you’re ready to talk signs, give us a call today or reach out for a free quote!

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