Tax Hacks: Writing Off Business Signs and Vehicle Wraps for Financial Gains

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Every business strives to maximize profits. Smart tax deductions are one great way to do this, so we’d highly recommend doing some research on what you can write off! For example, writing off expenses related to business signs and vehicle wraps is a frequently-overlooked opportunity. By fully understanding the tax implications and navigating IRS guidelines, businesses can leverage these tax deductions and enjoy an increase in net profits.

Please note that you should be sure to do your homework when it comes to tax deductions and, with any questions, always consult a tax professional. We’re just here to make some helpful suggestions to get you started!


Business Signs and Vehicle Wraps as Deductible Investments

Investing in business signage and vehicle wraps doesn’t just boost your brand presence– it can also significantly impact your bottom line. Signs and vehicle wraps aren’t just for decoration; they’re actually marketing assets that can promote your business and potentially qualify for tax deductions.

This means that you can deduct the costs associated with design and production. The fees paid to designers and sign makers for creating and producing your business signs and vehicle wraps. You should also be able to deduct the cost of professional installation services for your signage and vehicle wraps. 

Expenses related to acquiring the materials you use for your signs and wraps, like vinyl, metal, or wood, may also be tax-deductible. 

However, claiming these deductions requires meeting specific criteria, and always maintaining proper documentation. Be sure that you understand the rules, and keep receipts and invoices to support your claims– adhering to IRS regulations for responsible tax filing.


Navigating IRS Guidelines: Understanding the Rules

The IRS provides clear guidelines on claiming deductions for business signs and vehicle wraps. There are a few things you need to know before getting started.


Eligibility: To be considered deductible, your business signs and vehicle wraps must be used exclusively for business purposes. They need to display your business name, logo, and contact information. Decorating a personal vehicle with your company logo wouldn’t qualify, for example.


Allowable Expenses: Design, production, material costs, and professional installation for permanent signage are typically deductible, in addition to professional installation services for your vehicle wrap.


Record-Keeping: Document absolutely everything! Maintain receipts and invoices for all costs associated with your signs and wraps, including design fees, material purchases, and installation service payments. Having a record of everything supports your deduction claims, if any questions arise.


If you’re unsure about any aspect of tax deductions, consulting with a qualified tax professional is highly recommended. They can provide expert advice specific to your business and tax situation.

Strategies for Maximizing Deductions: Optimizing Tax Savings

Now that you understand the basics, let’s explore strategies for maximizing your tax deductions.


Bundle signage projects: Consider combining multiple signage projects into one to accelerate depreciation, allowing you to deduct a larger portion of the cost in the year of purchase. This is also a good idea for marketing purposes– keeping signs consistent is helpful for your brand image, and making sure that signs are in good repair and looking their best also helps to give people a good first impression of your business.


Bonus depreciation: Bonus depreciation is a temporary tax provision that allows you to deduct a significant portion of the cost of certain business assets, including new signage, in the year they’re placed in service.

In simpler terms, bonus depreciation is a special discount on your taxes. For example, when purchasing something for your office, you often spread out the cost of that item over the item’s expected lifetime, which might be 5-10 years. Instead of deducting the full cost in the first year, you’d deduct a smaller amount each year for 5 years. 

Essentially, you’d be “paying off” the item’s cost for your business. Bonus depreciation, however, would allow you to deduct a larger amount of the cost in the year that you buy the item. This helps you save more money on taxes upfront. 

However, bonus depreciation doesn’t always apply, and rules can change. Consulting with a tax professional can help to clarify questions you may have about how bonus depreciation applies to your business.


Section 179 deduction: For vehicle wraps that are used for business, you might be eligible for the Section 179 deduction. This may allow you to deduct the full cost of the wrap in the year it’s installed– up to a certain limit, which is determined by the IRS.

Turn Business Signage into Savings

By making smart tax deductions for business signs and vehicle wraps, you might be able to save your business some money on taxes, allowing you to increase tax flow– meaning that you’ll have cash readily available for investing in other aspects of your business growth, like marketing initiatives or employee expansion. 

If you’re ready to make the investment in new business signage or a vehicle wrap, reach out for your free quote today!

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