The Role of Monument Signs in Advertising and Marketing

Signs are an absolutely vital investment for any brick-and-mortar business. They let potential clients and customers know where you’re located, and at very least, a general idea of what you offer.

A well-designed, strategically-placed sign can make a huge difference in a business’s success– bringing many more customers through the doors of your business.

However, making an informed decision on what type of sign to go with is a necessary first step in the process.


How do I determine what kind of sign is right for my business?

The type of sign that’s going to be the most effective for your business depends on several factors.

For instance, where are you located? The type of sign that will be most effective for you will be different if you’re located near the exit of a busy highway, versus located on a street that gets a lot of foot traffic.

A business that’s located near a busy highway would probably do well with a large pylon sign, while a business located on a quieter street that draws a lot of foot traffic would benefit from a smaller building sign.

What is a monument sign?

The monument sign is a classic choice that’s right for all kinds of businesses.

While the name can be a little misleading– it’s not literally a monument– the monument sign is typically a large, permanent outdoor sign, made from brick or stone.

Monument signs can be designed to suit any kind of business, but you probably see them most in front of schools and hospitals. These kinds of monument signs are usually constructed from the same materials as the building they’re advertising, adding some nice visual consistency and making it clear beyond a doubt which building goes with which sign.

What are my design options for a monument sign?

Just like any type of sign nowadays, the design possibilities for monument signs are virtually limitless.

Many monument signs are constructed from brick or other kinds of masonry– but a more modern look, with concrete and materials like stainless steel, is also possible.

The only limitations on what a monument sign can look like are typically created by local zoning laws and signage codes. Many municipalities have restrictions on the maximum surface area of signage. If you’re located in a historic district, there may be even more strict laws about how a sign can be designed and what materials it can be made from.

How do I design the perfect monument sign?

Since there are so many options available to you when it comes to the design of your business’s perfect monument sign, it’s helpful to start by considering your business’s established brand.

What kind of business are you? Who is your primary customer base? Who is the ideal customer for your products or services?

Considering what kinds of people purchase your products, along with their interests, goals, and demographic, will work best to help you identify what kind of sign you’ll need to design.

How is a monument sign used for marketing?

Signs are an excellent, evergreen way to advertise your business to the community. They stand in the same spot every day, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, to let people know where your business is located and what kind of business it is.

A monument sign is typically fairly large and visible– which means that it can help make your business an established presence in the neighborhood. It serves as an effective, constant advertisement for your services, throughout every season of the year!

If you’re ready to create a monument sign of your own, give the experts here at Pinnacle Signs a call. We sell visibility!

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