Tips for Your Real Estate Sign

In the age of social media, we tend to place so much focus on digital marketing that sometimes the tried-and-true traditional methods fall by the wayside.

While digital marketing is very important, and definitely helps you reach a lot of people, real estate agents all over the country can tell you that choosing the right real estate sign can make a big difference in making sales!


Why is real estate signage important?

Although many potential home buyers do at least some of their searching online, using sites like Zillow, it would be a big mistake to neglect traditional real estate signage. 

Signs make it possible for people exploring areas they’d potentially like to live in to easily spot homes that are available for sale, and it helps everyone who passes by your properties know where they can reach you. 

In some ways, this is more effective than social media marketing, because everyone– regardless of social media habits or algorithms– has equal access to your information.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you make the biggest impact you can with your signage!


Create your visual brand

If you work for a large and well-established real estate brokerage, you’re probably already using their logo and template design for your marketing materials. 

These visuals are important because potential clients recognize the logo of a widely-known company– and that familiarity makes them more likely to give that company their business.

If you work independently, or for a smaller brokerage, you’ll still want to create a recognizable brand in order to familiarize people with your name and image.

For example, using consistent colors and templates for your real estate signs will help people easily spot your properties at just a glance. Many realtors also include their photos on their real estate signs, which helps potential clients see you as a human being and not just a company.

The more people who become familiar with your image and your business, the better!


Stay on top of current trends

In addition to being easily recognizable, your sign design should also look fresh and modern.

As a real estate agent, you already know that even small things– like the color that a house’s front door is painted– can increase the sale value of a home by thousands of dollars. The same principles apply to real estate signage.

Using clearly legible, contemporary design elements– for example, minimalism– can help you stand out from the crowd. It can also give people some ideas about the property at a glance. Some colors and typeface choices are more effective when advertising high-end properties!


Consult the experts

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to get effective and beautifully designed real estate signs. That’s why we’re here!

Our design experts can help you put together an amazing sign that helps you become a recognizable part of the community, and allows potential clients to find their dream homes.

Give us a call or reach out for a free quote today to get started.