Top Reasons to Replace Old Business Signs

You know that looking your best gives people a good impression of you, and that first impressions are arguably the most important. Well, the same concept holds true for your business signs! 

Signage is a representation of you and your business that works 24/7, 365 days a year. The way you look to your community, and to your customers, can be an important factor in gaining and retaining a good customer base.

Since you probably see your signage every day, you might be so used to it that you don’t even notice some damage, aging or disrepair. Next time you pass by, take a close look at your business sign – it might be well past time to replace it! 

Here’s what to look for.

Structural damage

Is your sign sitting at an odd angle? Does it appear unsteady or wobbly? Any indication that it’s not as stable as it should be is a sign that you should contact a sign specialist ASAP. Not only will a replacement look better, it will be safer for you and your customers– a large sign that has structural problems is an accident waiting to happen!

Cosmetic damage

Is the material of the sign looking its best? Are there cracks, discoloration, or other defects visible? Sometimes these issues can be repaired, depending on what type of sign you have, but if the problem is widespread or severe, it’s time to think about a full sign replacement.


Compare your signage to the other signs around your town. Does it look older? Does the style evoke a past era, or is it made from a material that isn’t so common anymore? Or does the sign maybe contain information that’s no longer relevant to your business, like an old phone number or a service that’s no longer offered?

Even material that’s in good shape can start to look dated over time. An acrylic cabinet sign, for example, can start to yellow after a while. If your neighbors’ signs are a bright, crisp white, yours might start to stand out – and not in a good way.

New materials, techniques, and styles are always being developed in the sign world, so it’s pretty likely that there are some exciting new choices awaiting you for your sign replacement!


Is your sign clearly visible from the road? Are customers and visitors able to locate you easily? You might not be aware since you can find your business purely by muscle memory, but a new customer might have a very difficult time finding a business with a sign that’s obstructed by trees and bushes, set back too far from the road, only facing one direction, or too difficult to read.

Large corporations, with branches that have thousands of locations all over the country, have strict rules about sign location. Sign companies that work for them figure out the size and distance from the road that a sign will be based on how large the road is and even the speed limit. It’s all orchestrated to make sure that customers and passersby can clearly and easily locate the business!

City code will determine the distance from the road and general size that your sign should be, but a sign expert will gladly help you plan the exact right spot to ensure visibility from the road. 

Doesn’t fit your brand

Brand image is a concept that’s being taken seriously by more small businesses than ever. It’s important that your sign reflects the image you have in mind for your business– if you want people to experience your brand as a simple and clean beauty company, you probably don’t want a sign that’s gotten rusty or has too many bright and flashy colors on it. 

Even if you’re not sure whether a sign replacement is a good idea for you or not, we’re happy to discuss it with you. It’s possible that some sign issues can be repaired, but the investment of a sign replacement is one that will be ultimately worth it for the sake of your business! 

Reach out and tell us all about your current sign. We’ll work closely with you to determine your next steps to ensure that your business looks its best and makes a great impression on everyone who passes by!