Using Signs to Market Your Construction Business

Signs are incredibly important for just about every industry– they share necessary information, right when and where people need to know it. They help us find where we’re going and even help us decide what company we’re going to do business with.

The construction industry is no exception to this rule. In fact, signs are arguably one of the most important ways to market a construction business!

Increase Brand Recognition

The term “brand recognition” might not mean much to the average consumer– but if you have a business, you’ll do well to become familiar with the concept ASAP.

Brand recognition is when consumers are able to recognize your brand in various contexts and conditions. Consider the way you’d recognize the Coca-Cola or Nike logos no matter where they’re applied, even if they’re on a billboard that doesn’t directly show the product. 

For example, some Nike ads don’t even show the product being advertised, but because the logo is there and the branding is consistent, customers are able to make the association on their own.

For your construction company, you want your company’s name to become familiar to the people in your area. Putting your name and logo out there as much as possible will help people associate construction in the North Little Rock area with your company.

Site-Specific Signage

Because construction is an industry that’s highly specific to the context in which it takes place, adding signs advertising your business on the actual construction site will greatly increase brand recognition for your company.

Have you ever seen a building that’s under construction, with the construction company’s name and logo on signs all around the fence or around the perimeter of the property? This lets everyone who passes by know which company is working on the project– and the more often they see the signs, the more likely they are to associate that company’s name with “construction” in the future.

24/7 Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

Applying vinyl wraps to your fleet of trucks or other vehicles will help keep things visually cohesive, and will serve as a 24/7 advertisement for your company and the services you offer.

While an online marketing campaign might reach a significant audience, depending on how successfully you’re able to navigate the algorithm, a vehicle wrap can get tens of thousands of views per day– meaning, for instance, that 20,000 people see your company’s name, logo, and services during the course of just one day.

This, in turn, creates brand recognition as well!

Diversify Locations

It makes sense to place signs on a construction site or wrap company vehicles. However, there are some other places you can use signage to market your construction business that you haven’t thought of yet!

Getting involved in your community is a great way to establish a positive brand image. You could sponsor a local children’s sports team– which means that your company can hang banners or other visuals at games, and even add your company logo to kids’ jerseys and t-shirts.

By sponsoring a local team, you’re doing a service for your community while also letting parents and passersby know that your company is local and reliable– increasing positive brand recognition.

Ask the experts

At Pinnacle Signs, we help businesses market themselves by getting their names and images out there for people to see and eventually recognize.


If you need some pointers on how signage can help you market your business, just give us a call or reach out for a free quote today!

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