For business owners, preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus isn’t the only difficulty you’re facing during the pandemic. In addition to the global health threat, employee and customer health and safety, and regulations about social distancing and hours of operation, there are important financial implications that will impact just about every business in the country – if not the world. 

You have to take decisive action to attract and retain your customers through the pandemic – and beyond. Luckily, we’ve got a few ideas for COVID-19 and coronavirus signage for businesses in Little Rock. 

Take Stock of Your Current Signage

If you still have signage up that promotes postponed or canceled events, remove or change those out immediately. Nothing makes it look like you’re out of business like three-month-old events on the marquee. If you rescheduled and have new dates, print signs that reflect the correct dates. 

If you’re not sure when you’ll be able to hold your event, you can keep community interest going by putting up signs with a “TBD” message. Let your customers know that once community health has been restored, you’ll be back to business as usual. 

In the same vein, if you’re promoting services or products that aren’t pandemic-era friendly (massages, personal training, two-person crazy straws, etc.) you will need to edit or remove that messaging.

Make sure you check your informational signage as well. If you had to change your business hours, you want people to know. Otherwise, they may assume you’re completely closed or out of business. It feels small, but it can mean the critical difference between your customers staying loyal and them taking their business elsewhere.

Your Services Should Make a Difference

If you are offering services or products that can make a positive impact on your customers during COVID-19, you need to do everything you can to message it. Use your business’s signage to promote services and products customers can enjoy while safely socially distancing. This can include services like curbside pickup, delivery, online ordering or shopping, contact-free service, or virtual support.

Focusing on these areas of your business helps your customers and helps you pivot your operations in a direction that keeps your financials on an upward trajectory throughout the remainder of the pandemic. 

Switch Up Your Marketing Message

If you work in retail, you’ve probably used the old “everything must go” or “while supplies last” tactics. This prompts buyers to act quickly and grab what they can. But with panic buying and backorders as the new normal, we don’t suggest using this tactic. If an item is liable to run out, create signage listing restrictions (i.e. “two per customer”) to make sure everyone can get what they need. 

If your services are still being offered, but in a different format, you’ll need to let people know how to access them and market the benefits of the “new way” of working with you. So if you were a personal trainer and now you’re offering online classes, explain how that will benefit your customer. Maybe it cheaper, maybe it’s easier to work into their schedule…whatever it is, make sure your messaging is visible and consistent. 

Stay Positive

Unless you have a purposefully negative or snarky brand (think Grumpy Cat), you should be using a message of positivity. We have enough bad news coming at us in reams – remind your clients that you’re here for them.

This is also the perfect time to take a look at your mission statement and bring it to life. If “Community Involvement” is one of your principles, make sure you are getting involved in the community – and let people know how you’re helping and what they can do to assist you!

You can also develop signage thanking your loyal customers for choosing you during this difficult time. Feeling appreciated goes a long way in times of crisis. Whether or not you’re worried about your business’s future, you need to convey a resolute, resilient image to the public. This can help you build brand loyalty despite the pandemic. 

Support Your Local Frontline Workers

Whether you employ frontline workers or not, you should be expressing gratitude for the people who are keeping civilization running. Nurses and doctors, trash collectors, fast food workers, grocery store employees, tellers at the bank… make signage thanking them and lifting them up. 

This is a positive message that those workers need to see to get through the day and it’s a way to show your community that you’re invested in it. And take it a step further if you can – make it tangible gratitude with discounts, free samples, giveaways, etc. for the frontline workers. 


Covid-19 & Coronavirus Signage for Businesses in Little Rock

If you’re looking for COVID-19 and coronavirus signage for businesses in Little Rock, contact Pinnacle Signs and Graphics. We’ve been consulting with local businesses on COVID-19 messaging and creating social distancing signs for businesses in Little Rock non-stop – and we can help you too! Just contact us online or give us a call at 501-812-4433 for a free quote!